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Personal guided tour thru the quarter

Glanz, Gloria und Stielkirsche - explore the historical heart of munich

Simply great tradition 

Classicist buildings and exquisite shops - the Brienner Quartier is a jewel in the heart of the city. The participants of the tour will be personally inaugurated by shopkeepers of the district about their philosophy.

Literaturhaus, Obermaier Bäder, Renésim, Prantl, Nymphenburg porcelain and the Cafe Luitpold

They learn about their passion for handmade, such as porcelain from Nymphenburg or paper from the house of Prantl, on which Thomas Mann once wrote his works. The finest craftsmanship of jewelery manufacturer Renésim and the manufacture of Obermaier baths in the historical vaults of the Theatiner church. At Cafe Luitpold, guests can enjoy typical Munich coffee house stories and a praline specialty. A Prosecco at the Cafe der Münchner Literaturhaus is just as much a guide as a trip to the historic Palais Ludwig Ferdinand, the heart of the Siemens Group headquarters. Further shops will be added according to the registration and personal wishes.

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