New. Since 1826.

The Brienner Quartier - developed from a tradtion of exklusivity, loved for ist inspiring charm

Traditional with a modern twist. Experience the excitement of the stylish Brienner Quartier with its exclusive shops and services, exquisite culinary delights and striking art. We look forward to your vis

Unique atmosphere in historical surrounding

It is this unique atmosphere and beguiling combination of history steeped in tradition and contemporary charm that has made the Brienner Quartier stand out until the present day. Come and see for yourself.

The good old days

With its unique mix of cafés and restaurants, cultural offerings, former purveyors to the court and variety of shops, the Brienner Quartier brings the good old days back to life with a completely new and modern twist. Here, you can find custom-made footwear and designer fashion, high-quality stationery, valuable antiques and modern art perfectly complemented by specialist medical practices, law offices and financial services providers.


  • Brienner Quartier e.V.
  • Brienner Straße 11
  • D-80333 Munich, Germany
  • Phone: +49(0)89-2425766
  • Fax: +49(0)89-2913812
  • E-mail: info@brienner-quartier.com